Text is the most crucial element of your flash banner. Use a small amount of high quality text to sell your product. The biggest disadvantage of flash banners is their large file size. Large file sizes load slowly and slow down the loading of the page. For this reason you should keep your flash animation simple, live action video and sound are not recommended.

Typical flash banner ads come in the rectangle, square, leaderboard, full banner and the skyscraper shape, in various sizes In general the point of a flash banner is the same as that of a static advertising banner. The idea is still to direct potential customers to your web site, but where static banners only catch the attention of a few potential customers, flash banners can grab the attention of many more potential customers. Designing a flash banner requires a lot of technical knowledge, skills, effort and of course creativity. The failure or success of an online advertisement depends on the way your designer creates oneAvoid being too flamboyant, else that might be intervene with the design of the web page you are advertising. The message that is most significant should be included in the final frame of the animation. However, communication of the main message also depends on how fast your page loads.

Using flash banner is one of the best approaches to fulfill the web marketing goals. If, you intent to make a fresh banner or revive the looks of you website, it will be a better idea to posses flash banner for creating magical effect on the sales graph. You can use overlays for providing special effect on your banner. Therefore, it will be used for presenting the jest of an organization in a limited space, in highly effective manner. It is easier for even a layman to become perfect in advertising the relevant information by using the pre-designed flash templates, by adding different shapes, symbols, text and images or even import an image from the system for highlighting some special things. You can include animated text, images, slideshows and videos on your flash banner to make it attention grabbing.

This enables the website owner to arouse more curiosity of the visitors towards the well- structured advertisement.